Product design for social good

I’m a Digital Product Designer based in Los Angeles, making things (apps + websites) with ethically-minded companies. You could be 
a women’s wellness centre, animal welfare organization, mindfulness app, or sustainable fashion brand. Goodness is the only criteria.

In a small effort to keep the good vibes circulating, 10% of every project in 2019 will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

If you’re working on something that contributes positively to people's lives or the planet, I’d love to hear from you:



About me

Before moving to Los Angeles in 2015, I ran a studio with my husband Frank Bach in Canada. Our studio was Agency of Record for Downtown Sudbury (a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the growth of the city’s core), Science North (a registered charity + interactive science museum), and Art Gallery of Sudbury (a not-for-profit gallery established in 1967 under the Canadian Centennial projects).

✧ Clients ✧

∙ Meditating Mascots
∙ Savor Wellness
∙ The Darwin Challenge
∙ Bosch
∙ Epson
∙ Wagly
∙ Art Gallery of Sudbury
∙ Science North
∙ Centre for Evolutionary Ecology + Ethical Conservation
∙ Pathstone Mental Health

✧ BIG fan of ✧

∙ Headspace
∙ Festival of Disruption
∙ Farm Sanctuary
∙ Jane Goodall Institute
∙ David Suzuki Foundation
∙ National Alliance on Mental Illness
∙ Reformation
∙ Everlane
∙ Matt & Nat
∙ Paloma Wool
∙ WMN Space
∙ The Wing
+ more